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Originally Posted by PokerIzWork540 View Post
Actually found out (well think I did) that my issue is the tie rod end.. its busted wide open near the little boot.. it moves in and out of the housing its in as the wheel moves.. It actually looks to me like it causes a slight play in the other wheel as well..will be looking into how to go about replacing this part first...

My dad is saying the "drag link" needs to be replaced because its busted up.. not sure but also lookin into this..
I just want to mention something about drag links (center links). I just replaced mine and it had no freeplay, but it did have a frozen ball joint which was not obvious until it was disassembled. The mechanic who worked on it said that he will now revise his advice to people that ask for front end inspections: You can try and shake the wheels and look for looseness in the linkage, but this type of problem won't be very evident until you disconnect the tie rods. Bottom line: Oem BMW steering linkage is not made to be greased, so you may also encounter frozen balljoints along with loose ones.
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