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help with winter tires (and lease)

first time poster here, and new lease on an x5 35i here in canada. have been reading the boards regarding advice and it is a great forum!

i wanted some advice on winter tires. the dealership has offered me a 2nd hand pair of rims and tires used by a previous client. the tires and rim are still in excellent condition for 1/2 the price.

considering i am leasing for 4 years, with excess wear and tear package on the lease, does having a winter set make sense? im sure from a safety standpoint, some will definitely agree, but i am talking from a wear and tear standpoint. i leased a hyundai veracruz (thats what the x5 replaced) and i did not have a winter set with that; just all seasoners. and on returning of the vehicle, the treds were still good.

im just not familiar with the RFT's and whether it wears more quickly than regular tires. the bmw guy i am dealing with says that it is a good deal esp with the peace of mind of not having to replace the tires when i return the vehicle. but maybe if it will cost pretty much the same if i do have to replace it (when compared to this 2nd hand winter set he is offering) at the end of the lease? as i said, i did not have to do it with my last leased vehicle. im in no way an aggressive driver (i think!) and am hoping the tires last.

im a bit confused and would appreciate any input.

finally, i have a few more days to decide on the bmw rim and tire package. ive been reading threads on this and it seems consensus is 50/50. im thinking about purchasing this, but would again appreciate any more recent input on these.


junji98 in toronto
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