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Originally Posted by superalex View Post
Sorry bro with your way of thinking your probably better off with the Chrysler you have. I can already tell you you will become poor if you buy a 745. lol sorry bro. 24's ? am just going to stop right there...
What's wrong with 24's bro? I have them on my current car,

And I know I get more compliments in 1 day then u get in 1 week.. Lol. Aight let's get this straight, I don't bag on peoples taste cause everyone's is different, I can see why people are not into big wheels and why some people are. just look at it from their point of view. It's mostly for an image, simple n clean or big and flashy. Let's argue bro send me a pm i promise I will win this argument cause I can give u 100 reasons why it's rude too look down on someone and try to correct them cause they do not think like YOU. Anyone that thinks like you must have been spoiled as a kid and has had everything handed to you and that is where you got your snobby attitude from. It's true keep Your comments to yourself, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. I could tell you what i think of you but i am politely explaining why i think your comment was unnessesary. Or you could be like some others on this thread That think they are mature and post that "saying" as a comment. We are here to help each other out and this is how I'm here to help. I hope people will read this and realize that their comments are getting out of hand, and Its sad to see that it's mostly BMW forums that have the bad mannered self centered big ego members that join, please spread the word and help this perfectly good forum from being a bash. U don't know me so u do not have a real opinion of me.
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