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Originally Posted by GVFlyer View Post
Welcome back. Tell us your impressions of the Cadillac CTS-V.
The CTS-V is the fastest, quickest car I have ever driven. The only car I have ever ridden in that was close was a Shelby GT500KR with 428 dual quads. We had test driven a CTS sport v6, and it was a decent car, but not my cup of tea. I wanted a Corvette, wife wanted a sedan. She asked me what was the closest thing to a 4 door Vette. That would be the CTS-V. We went to test drive one, and I am thinking no way she will like it. Much to my surprise, she loved it! The power and handling are spectacular. It is actually quite docile in traffic, with excellent power at any speed, does not reveal the brute torque (556 lb-ft) until you really get into the throttle and get the boost up. When you do, better have some space in front and hang on. The guys at the CTS-V forum advised against disabling all the nanny controls, but of course, I had to check that out. Bad move. Rolled out from a stop, gave it about 80% WOT, and it went sideways at the 1-2 shift. I had to back off to avoid doing a 180 in the middle of the road. Ride with the MRC was firm, but not harsh, and the handling was excellent. We had the Recaro seats, which were very good. Down side of the CTS-V was the expensive lease, and the poor fuel economy. Much as we loved the V, we just did not want to start again at the beginning of a new lease, and pay that much for a lease and fuel.
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