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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
365hp?! What kind of dyno was that done on and did you get a baseline to measure actual gains? Did you test the JBD on the same dyno, if so what were the results and what setting?
The JBD dyno that you seen on BMS' site is my car. I was the original tester for the JBD. Same shop did my car with DTUK. Baseline for my car was 245bhp. JBD yielded 308bhp, DTUK Program 3 Map 7 yielded the 365HP.

Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
At what setting on the DTUK and JBD are you comparing against?
JBD at 100% and DTUK @ Program 3 Map 7.

Originally Posted by Axel61 View Post
To all here. I have the RENNtech flash and I went LIMP Mode when I dynoed the car , hence I had NOT completely turned OFF the DSC, but I have YET to go limp mode while driving i have had as quoted by STUGOTs Or Ronin I believe the following quote:

[COLOR="Blue"]"Codes that can pop up (and will, generally, with a tune) when this happens fall along the lines of Rail Pressure Plausiblity, but I've also seen Air Mass Sensor and Gas Pressure Sensor. "[/COLOR]

The first one was because I had the clamp to the mass flow sensor lose! after that I did not go SES until a month later and before I did the code erase it turned off by itself. I spoke to my mechanic and he stated that whenever you have tunes sometimes some codes will come up but usually not serious, but he did advise me never to ignore whenever the light comes up.
Limp can come about for various reasons, especially under duress on a dyno (heatsoak, for example). Your RENNtech isn't's one map, whereas JBD at DTUK have multiple options, so while your experiences with the tune are informative and appreciated, it's an apples to oranges comparison.

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