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Originally Posted by trip7 View Post
either way you should have the fenders rolled. it's better then risking bending the **** out of a fender since I've seen it happen a few times along with damaging tire. that's how I have the system in my trunk done. the sides of the trunk actually come out real easy. what kind of setup you getting installed? make sure to post some pics. nterested to see how it comes out
Yeah my fender is already rolled but they are saying I might have to widen them depending on how my new wheels fitment is on my car. For the setup not too sure what Kennedy is going to do but hes going to set it up with the wheels I have now and another issue is that I have to strecthed the tires as well, so more money I have to spend

Originally Posted by Busurfer View Post
Although I absolutely agree a lowered 7 looks BADASS, any car I have had with low clearance had a lot issues with of scraping speed bumps, hitting parking stops with the front air dam, same with any kind of steep driveway, etc. Too much hassle this time around but I look forward to seeing the pics of your car when it's done (as well as seeing it in person before too long!).
For sure brotha, for the cup kit its actually like air suspension so if I have obstacles in my direction I can lift up the car so I wont have any scrapping issues

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