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Unhappy 06 530i Weird overheating issue

Well over the past week or so on cool mornings, I've been getting the engine temp too high drive moderately or the stop engine too hot. Also the heat won't work on the days this happens and it only happens when it's cooler, hot days sitting in traffic it's fine. If I turn off the car wait a couple of minutes then turn it back on the heat will work and it won't overheat for the rest of my drive. I pulled up the secrete menu so I could watch the temp, and sure enough it never stopped climbing. The fan works, and if you open the coolant tank there's plenty of coolant and you can see the water flowing in and hear the pump running. Is this the thermostat or maybe a faulty water valve in the heating system causing this? Going to the stealership Thursday to have the battery recall done and this issue looked at, but I'd like to know if anybody has any ideas so they don't completely rip me off. And yes I did a search but it seemed the other problems were bad fans, water pump, and they didn't seem to have weird circumstances like mine.
2006 530i

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