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Originally Posted by KozmoK View Post
The Comm Box in the 2012 328i is in the trunk, just lift up the floor panel (lifts up very easily) and you will see it closest to the back seats. I do not have BMW Assist - other then it using my bluetooth phone. I do not have the Office Mobile folders on my idrive menu, I have NAV, but no BMW Apps.

BMW Apps can be added on by 3rd party Vendors. I think they need to purchase the code from BMW ($250) and add it in. I am going to do this next month. This all can be done via remote programming (3rd party) if you have a laptop. I am not sure if the dealerships will add this option in for us or not. Getting them to talk about it is very difficult.

You have to use the BMW Y Cable to control your iPhone like a USB stick/external source. You will not see album art/etc.. I tried it with the standard white apple USB cord, but it did not work. Since my sales guy told me I could stream pandora etc while we were test driving - after I bought the car found out it didnt have that option. So he gave me the $75 cable - which should be free.

Thanks for posting the photos...

The good news... it is in fact the Combox Media.
The bad news... it seems that this is a new, stripped-features down Combox Media because of the OEM Y iPod cable requirement.

Still, I think that this is an issue of coding and not of any hardware limitation. All the features available in the Enhanced version should be just disabled in this unit, including the use of the white Apple USB cable.
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