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Originally Posted by Spaiz View Post
This is my 89 BMW 525i. I have some time consuming plans for it in the future. I plan to rebuild a m3 engine that's turbo worthy and swap it with my inline 6 2.5l engine that had many problems in the pass, but I stuck with it, fixed it, and still luv it. Its an auto, still I plan to swap it with an manual, rebuild the tranny also. Still have no clue what i'm goin to do with the exhaust. If you guys have any suggestions on what a good mod exhaust would be, I would hella appreciate it. As for the color, I am luvin matte black, for the rims.....changin them...most likely gettin matte black rims as well,(just gonna black the whole car out) but still lookin into that, that's probably the last thing i'll do. Alright! I hope you guys enjoy.
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