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I had almost the exact situation. I was going to buy an Si. I loved it, drove great, it's a really wonderful car and I would be very happy to have one. You would never be disappointed. But, my wife said the same thing to me as Tomhole's and told me to go drive a couple. I went out and drove one a week or two after the Si and wondered if it was really worth the extra money. I finally decided that to be sure I would drive them back to back in one day - it took about two hours of travel time, but was worth it. When I drove the Si after the M the differences were very clear to me and they were significant IMO. With no exaggeration, the M was a totally different experience. I got in the Si and it was clear within 30 seconds down the road. Acceleration in the M was great, but that was not worth the difference in cost. As he said, the steering certainly gave me more feel for the road. The sound coming out of the pipes alone, which I personally care about care about, was wonderful. A lot of it was just the intangible feeling of everything together....sound, acceleration & torque, seats, steering, road feel, fat steering wheel, suspension, brakes, no run-flat tires, looks, etc. You really need to do the back to back to know what you think. You may find it is not that different for your driving and personal needs than an Si or you may not be able to live without it afterwords, but that is the only way to really find out.

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