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Originally Posted by ProfessorCook View Post
Call me naive, but I believe in the basic goodness of Americans. Ask us to step up, and we will. I think we're all willing (well... almost all of us) to pay our fair share. The thing that gets everybody upset is that we don't think the other guy is paying his fair share and we have no way of figuring out whether or not that's true. I've heard (and am quite willing to believe) that if you call the IRS for help, half the time THEY get the answer wrong.


I've heard that if we went to a flat tax, something like 17% would be revenue neutral. Hey... if everybody pays 20%... 25%... if that helps us dig out from this mess we're in and everybody chips in, count me in.

How could we be at war in two countries for so long and not obviously sacrifice anything? No rations... no higher taxes... Nothing. How? Because the politicians didn't want us to face it straight on. They didn't think we could handle it. Like Bush not wanting us to see fallen soldiers coming back from Iraq. Give me a break.

Rant over. Flame suit on.
Some excellent points. I agree with just about everything you said and would even be willing to go to a flat tax myself. The socialist European I am though (and even plenty of die-hard capitalist economists) tells me that a flat tax is not fair to the lowest earning individuals in the country, as illustrated in the principle of diminishing marginal utility of money. I think a tiered tax system is adequate to get us out of the mess and would be proportionally fair. Just close all the dang loopholes, exceptions, credits, and whatnots.
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You will rue this day, RUE THIS DAY
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