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Originally Posted by KeithS View Post
M6pwr, You say you're not an expert but sounds like you know more than many of us (including the lab rats at Blackstone).

I agree that the BMW OCI is fine for some driving conditions such as for those who drive a lot, and routinely get the engine good and hot to burn off moisture and impurities. But if you are one to drive the car 5 miles each way to work every day and that's about it, the factory recommend OCI will only result in a badly sludged engine.

And while the engine is quite tough and durable, not so sure the turbochargers (bearings) that share that same oil are. So back to my original statement; the extra changes are probably not needed, but on a $50K+ car, it certainly will not hurt, and gives me a little more piece of mind.
Wow! That is mega severe service.

First (and I know this sounds crazy) but you might want to consider taking the long way to work. Really. Doing a commute of at least 15 mi each way. I know this sounds like bs, but that is what I do very often. I'm retired and often only have to drive 3 or 4 mi. to where I want to go. If I have to, I do three or four extra victory laps. My wife thinks I'm totally crazy - - she's trying to have me certified for commitment (for other reasons, actually) - - because I make her stand in the driveway for 15 or 20 minutes while I completely warm the car up doing my laps.

With your kind of driving profile, I'm not sure how you would even choose a safe oci. It would be a swag - - 7500 mi, 5000 mi, 3000 mi? I don't know that much about the oil condition sensor on the 335d. Some of them on the gas models are pretty sophisticated, but I don't know if I'd trust them in your case.

I'd recommend starting with oil analysis and using a lab like Polaris - They are about the same price as Blackstone and they are ISO certified (which means that they have to keep their lab equipment peaked and tweeked, and have to have their lab pers trained to ISO standards) - - Blackstone is not and they have other differences that may be important in your case - - they are not so good on measuring fuel dilution, for example. I would talk to the folks in the Polaris oil analysis section, tell them your driving profile and get their ideas on what to look for in their reports. They have always been very helpful on the phone when I've had questions. I would guess that you would want to look at % fuel dilution and % water and I guess TBN/TAN, but they would know, and they would tell you how to interpret the reports.

To draw the oil samples (don't wait for your swag oil changes), you'll need an oil extractor kit to suck the oil sample up thru the dipstick tube (we're lucky, we still have a dipstick). I've never used one so I can't recommend a source off the top of my head. Maybe some of the other members have and can make a recommendation. If not, send me a pm and I'l see If I can find a place to get one.

Hope this helps.
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