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should i get this 95' 740il

was trolling Craigslist cars which i do often..i have issues... anyway was shocked to see this ad
for only 600 bucks get a nice looking 7 series emailed the guy and this is what he said "i have the title, no engine knocks. It has been sitting for a year now, got a new car and haven't driven it. 2 weeks ago went to see if a friend wanted to buy it, he bought a battery for it and we started her up and took it for a spin, didn't have the get up and go it used to have. Put new gas in it, coolant, some oil, and tried again to no avail. Will not go over 25mph without making a terrible sound. Do not want to risk more damage to the car and drive it anymore. Put it on craigslist for 1200, no one wanted it for that much, so now I'm fed up and want to be rid of it."
IDK what do you guys think?? my spidey sense says NOO somethings majorly wrong but for 600 hey you could sell it to the junk yard and get that money back..
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