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So, I was mildly interested in a similar idea. I started with tires. A more off-road savvy friend mentioned tires are usually the easiest way to get some extra ground clearance, and I got a bit over an inch extra this way.

I ended up putting slightly larger-sidewall all-terrain (light truck - style) tires on the wife's X3. They are only 5% higher aspect ratio, so some speedometer error but not much.
I would caution that clearances get tight going much larger than the size I picked out. Like, 10% higher in aspect ratio might contact the rear trailing arm.

You can combat this by changing to different offset or using spacers, as I think there's another 1"-1.5" of clearance to fenders etc. - the spring perches on the front for example leave plenty of room. Also, usually the least of my concerns, but visually, I can point out that there's at least a good half-inch you could move the wheel / tire out before it looks like it's actually sticking out past the sheet metal.

It's not the kind of thing I feel super-comfortable experimenting with, especially because it's the wife's car - not sure how she'll handle a blowout while driving if there's serious tire-to-body contact. But, I've also considered things like modified control arms or strut-to-spindle spacers. Then you'll of course run into issues with the halfshafts drooping too far etc....

There's a lot of challenges that would have to be overcome with most of the above, but it might be pretty cool in the end, so good luck.
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