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Just go for it!! It's our first convertible and it's addictive !! If I don't drive it everyday I have withdrawals. Very fast, zippy , almost becomes an extension of you ... My X5 feels like a behemoth after driving this.

This is very comfy and that's coming from someone who appreciates a comfy Audi/Lexus drive. We drove 2100 miles in Europe after ED ( Germany, Switzerland, France ) and another 1200 miles from PCD in u.s. Long drives are not tiring at all. If anything getting in and out is more painful, and the limited truck space can be annoying. We are taking another road trip to VA ( 2200 miles) on memorial day.

Best thing is top down smooth ride( get a wind screen from Bavarian auto so wife is happy about no messy hair) . It's less than 30 seconds for top down and up . Driving from Nice to Monte Carlo on the high corniche with top down was one of our best drives!!!

Go for it, you won't regret it

Just to be sure, I would do a small lease (24 months) , that's what we did and now after this I will do another Z4
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