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Lightbulb Official F10 Coding thread---Exploring Your F10

I hope this will be the most intriguing thread!

We will discuss all the options available and try to share as much information as possible .

Knowledge Transfer: Find the attached pdf in the below link and go through it ... It will give you the basics to start also check the attached PDF (Thanks to modular93 fox) (If the link doesnt work go to post # 6 in this thread)

How to make the Enet cable (You need this cable to connect your car and you laptop), Its not hard to make your own cable.
It would cost around 10 to 15$ to make a cable.

Please use the below link to find the detailed description on how to make your cable (Thanks to IMSw1) and also check teh attached PDF for detailed schematics (If the link doesnt work go to post # 52 in this thread)

List of things that can be programed: (Thanks to All contributing Members)

Please check the Cheat Sheet for the list

Data Files Required to code your car:

F001 psdzdata covers the F01/F02/F04 7-series and F07 5-series
F010 psdzdata covers the F10 5-series and F12/F13 6-series
F020 psdzdata covers the F20 1-series and F30 3-series (There is no Z4 F-chassis yet)
F025 psdzdata covers the F25 X3-series (There is no X5 F-chassis yet).

More details in the below Link:

Cheat Sheet:

What Module to modify.. What Parameter and What value will be explained in the attached cheat sheet... This will have all our new discoveries going forward.

This thread is dedicated to help fellow festers! Will add more details as and when available just follow the thread for updates!

Volunteers: People who can install for others /Willing to help others with installation

1) DreamCar (NJ,MD)
2) Shawnsheridan (Houston,TX)
3) Imsw1 (Dayton, OH)
4) Svache (Oahu.HI)
5) hd750Li (DFW, TX)
6) wdimagineer (MD)

This is just the basic info... Will add more info in next two days

All the credit goes to Sean and Shawn

Disclaimer: Try it/use it/ request it at your own risk and blah blah and all that cra*P.......

Important: Please dont use "Quote" when replying... In that way it will be less cluttered and easy to browse once it is sticky...

Sub Threads:


For the video lovers here is teh feast:

Transfering your phone ring tone to your car.



Attached Files
File Type: pdf Easy Cable Build.pdf (109.9 KB, 7389 views)
File Type: pdf E-Sys - Getting Started Coding - Part 1.pdf (1.51 MB, 13205 views)
File Type: pdf E-Sys - Getting Started Supplement - Part 2.pdf (426.9 KB, 6670 views)
File Type: pdf E-Sys_Coding - VCM_UserManual_v1.4.PDF (1.87 MB, 11446 views)
File Type: pdf F10_CheatSheet_V3.0.pdf (99.1 KB, 20628 views)
File Type: pdf E-Sys - MacOSX installation and configuration.pdf (294.5 KB, 6941 views)

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