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What's Not to Love??
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What do YOU LOVE about your GT?

.....besides EVERYTHING!

I have been absolutely thrilled with this car! I haven't had this feeling about a car in a long time. Finally, a car that is a perfect balance between sport, luxury, and utility. Sedans are totally impractical for me, SUV's are too truck-like, many hatchbacks are too small, and "wagons" make me think of wood-paneling.

I love the fit and finish - it's really exquisite. I love being able to transport paintings, furniture, plants, sails, tons of luggage, etc. in such style. I am giddy over how well the car handles. "Drives small" is the perfect expression. I can go screaming around tight curves like the car is on rails. Everyone, including the extremely tall people in my family, fits comfortably and has an easy time entering and exiting. Despite all of the wonderful function and utility, there is such an adroit grace about the GT. It's a very sophisticated vehicle.

I couldn't help but start a "gush" thread! What do you love?
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