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Originally Posted by kc1953 View Post
Ok. So I realize all of you are going to get a good laugh about this post, but what the hell. So from what I understand, all you guys are doing is going into the pre-existing programming code, and enabling or disabling certain features that are already programmed, but not enabled through certain commands. Unless I am wrong, no one is actually writing new programming code. So here is the question, if all that is happening is that you are enabling functionality that already exists (or disabling it as the case may be), for God's sake, why doesn't BMW just make these features part of the settings that we have access to through the Idrive Nav screen. I mean, its not like we already can't change a million things...why not make it 2 million. Or would it make the car setup process just too confusing and overpowering for the average Joe? I can't see why BMW cares if we want to be able to push a button on our key fob and simultaneously lock the doors and fold the side view mirrors. Or show some specific information on the HUD, or whatever. If I am wrong and you all are actually writing new programming code, then I apologize. But that's not what it sounds like. It sounds like you are just inputing certain already existing commands to cause something different to happen than what is "hard wired" as a default.
No, you're not wrong.

As to why? I'm assuming it's a combination of different things. But I would say that the overriding reason is the litigious nature of the US. Things that might be enabled are disabled for "safety's' sake.
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