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try to stat your own thread for questions, this is an announcement only not a discussion thread. i should close it really. in anycase.....:

Originally Posted by newBMWdriver94 View Post
hi i have a
1987 325 2.7 l

5 speed automatic

4 door
she was bought in germany
my problem is that i live in arizona now and the a/c doesnt work anymore, theres still preasure in the piping but its just air and not refrigerant, im hoping its just a leak so if you could let me know what a common place a leak could be, and if thats not it what else could it be. what i mean by that is what is more common to break first, like the condenser, ect ect . any help would be great thanks
take it to an A/C shop and get them to pressure test it. they use a dye that comes out of the holes in the lines. you will have to take it to an A/C shop to be refilled anyways so not worth trying to figure it out yourself in my opinion.

Originally Posted by newBMWdriver94 View Post
i also have another problem that i forgot, ok well when im in parrk and rev the engine it calms down then by its self revs up and down, when i put it in drive or reverse it stops and idles normally, could it be the fuel regulator? but if it was wouldnt it continue no matter if it is in park or drive? if you could help me as soon as possible that would be great thanks.
thats your idle control vavle. quite a common E30 issue

Originally Posted by newBMWdriver94 View Post
hey sorry about this but i tried to find one online but it directed me to a forum home page, my rpm/mpg gauge stoped working on me and i was wondering if i could fix it or if anyone knew where to find a new or a good used one? the gas gauge, mph and engine temp works fine (thank god) its just the rpm/mpg gauge? can anyone help me?
check the connections on the back of it are secure, and also check to see that the brass earthing nuts on the back of the cluster are done up tight. also could be your Service interval batteries starting to die as well.

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