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Originally Posted by gentryma1 View Post
Up until today I thought I missed this option on my 535 GT but after reading this and a few other posts, it looks like its in the convenience package of the 550 GT only -- is that right?? I have been kicking myself thinking I made an ordering mistake for weeks.
I know - me too. I was wondering why my car didn't have it. So it must have been an option on a 535 for a portion of 2011? I wonder if that's something that can be retrofitted......You're so lucky Tonomeis!

So I'm slamming my front doors a little harder than other cars to get them to shut, but once they are closed, the cabin is a perfectly insulated pod. By "perfect" I again mean a great balance. I can still hear the engine, the ultra-smooth shift of the transmission, sirens coming, and other important feedback, but I don't hear a lot of road noise, wind, noisy mufflers, etc. despite my speed. I love that!

So 90 doesn't sound much different than 50! Good thing for that heads-up display, right?

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