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Originally Posted by nwilson44 View Post
With all do respect lol the new 550i is nice, however the precious M5 will kill that car in a drag race. It may start out close but the faster you go the bigger the gap will get. I don't even think the new M will hit 204 MPH. Could be wrong but the 550i won't. Got nothing against the new car, it just simply doesn't pull in the higher RPM range like the previous M5. The previous generation 550i and M5 had power bands that were very linear, the power just builds until redline. The new one hits you with a lot of torque throughout the range until, I think 5500, and then falls off dramatically enough to tell. With that said, there is no doubt that the new car is a better daily driver. I just like the soul, power delivery, and high RPM nature of the old one. Am I crazy or does someone hear where I'm coming from?
Stealth Pilot has a Dinan tuned 550 (501hp) and when I had that level of tuning, I had no problem beating E60 M5's at the dragstrip. With the N63, optimal performance is gained by shifting before the redline, but with an eight speed transmission it keeps the motor in the sweet spot.

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