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Originally Posted by TJPark01 View Post
I have had a lot of seat time with both. You can't even compare the two. First of all the 335i out of the box is a drivers car. When you add sport package, or Msport, or 19 inch rims or go for future M3 it takes an already capable drivers car and turns it into a track tool.
The 5 series starts as a luxury car. It's much more refined, larger,civilized, and mature. In order to make it more of a drivers car you have to order a host of expensive options, then it becomes much more suited to aggressive driving. It's still not a spots car though, it's too big and you can't defy the laws of physics. Even the M5 with all it's power will still be much harder to maneuver on the track than an M3.

It's been said before but it bears repeating the 3 is a sports car with some luxury while the 5 is a luxury car with some sport. This was done on purpose, and considering how big the 3 and 5 have become, the 1 is the new 3 and the 3 is the new 5.
As someone who has owned several 5ers and 3ers at the same time I can tell you that this post by TJ is the most accurate of all the posts on this subject. I too like each car for what it does. The 3er is a much more sporty and fun car so that is the one I drive on the weekends and after work. The 5 er is much more luxury oriented so that is the one I drive when I spend 2 + hours a day on the road for work. I have yet to find a car that does both sport and luxury the way I want. I am hopeful that it might be the F10 M5, but I have to test one before I am sure. Even when I pondered the E60 M5 I could not help but feel that the car lost too much luxury to warrant a car that large....the M3 was more fun and cost less money IMHO. As a BMW guy I hate to say this, but but I remembered test driving the MBZ E63 AMG and feeling that the E63 AMG hit the sweet spot better than the M5 (E60) or the 3 series. It was the lack of a 6 speed manual that kept me away from the E63 AMG and if it were available with a 6MT I would be driving one right now. MBZ really nailed the balance of sport and luxury with that car IMHO.
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