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Originally Posted by wattage View Post
I'm just trying to make sure that the buyer knows what he/she is getting into.

Service pays for everything for 4 years/60K miles for original owner, 6 years/100K miles CPO. A 2007 only has 1 more year under CPO so after that he is paying for everything.

Brakes lifespan depends entirely upon how you drive. If you drive conservatively 50 - 60K is great. If you drive aggressively 15 - 30 K might be good so every 2 - 3 years.

One electronics failure (oh, these cars never have those problems) and that could be another 200 - 1500 in cost.

Anybody ever bend a rim on these cars - $500 for a new BMW rim.

All I'm saying is a used BMW is still a major investment beyond the initial purchase price. If you are not willing to pay, don't play. Another note to the original poster. Unfortunately the attitude displayed on a few of these posts is typical of modern BMW drivers, they've done only the minimal amount of maintenance that the BMW free maintenance plan covers and they trade in their cars or return them from lease after 4 years of hard driving. There's a reason why you are looking at such a great price, the trade in values of these cars is terrible because so many people take such poor care of the car. Buyer beware.
Actually, CPO doesn't cover wear items like oil and brakes the way the original warranty does.
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