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Originally Posted by ImSW1 View Post
Excuse my crappy soldering skills. Here's some pictures of the OBD2 side of the ENET cable.

The cable in the picture is CAT6. For a better reference to the schematic, the following applies:

PIN 3 - Light Blue (CAT 6) would be Green Stripe (CAT5e)
PIN 4 & 5 (Bridged) - Brown (CAT 6) would be Brown (CAT5e) - This is what is grounded to the RJ-45
PIN 11 - Green (CAT6) would be Solid Green (CAT5e)
PIN 12 - White (CAT 6) would be Orange Stripe (CAT5e)
PIN 13 - Orange (CAT 6) would be Solid Orange (CAT5e)
PIN 8 and 16 (Bridged) with a 510ohm, 1/4 (.25) watt resistor

Sean on the cable that you built for me on the RJ-45 there is no brown wire at that end of the connection yet at the OBDii connection there is a brown wire coming out of the bundle and its connected to the bridged pin 4 and 5 which i think is the ground wire. I just bought a cable trying to make one for a friend and on the Cat5e 568B wiring on the RJ-45 there is a brown/white and brown wire....Can I use that brown wire to ground it to the bridged pin of 4 and 5. I cannot take that pin out of the RJ-45 connection like the one you did for me as it was an already made patch. If i connect that brown wire to pin 4 and 5 will it short anything. Thanks