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Originally Posted by Snipe656 View Post
I do not think your SA really told you anything other than an attempt to sell a warranty that I bet they get a commission out of. A lot of vehicles are expensive to repair but the real question is how often does it need repairs. To give an example my simple truck is far from cheap to repair, for example between a relay and injectors last year I was out something like $4k. Some of the costs I have seen quoted for the 335d repairs I found amazingly lower than I'd imagine such as transmission replacements.
He wasn't trying to sell me the extended warranty which is handled by the business manager.
I dread to find out how much it would cost to replace the def system, or turbo out of warranty.
I have under 200 miles to go and the warranty will be over.
So far I am leaning towards rolling the dice since the f30d is rumored to be here 2013 and I might just trade my d in then when it should have covered 70-80,000 miles.

Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Still no letter....
Just call your dealer to check your VIN and the recall should show up.
No need for any recall letter.

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