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JUst got back from doing my first coding session with a 2012 650 (F12) Damn thing had 468 miles on it!! I was nervous as hell messing with a 95K car for the first coding of an f_series for me. I did simple coding for Mirrors/windows with key fob. That went very easy as I was able to look for the function values rather quickly in CAS and FRM modules. Coded it without a hitch. Then the owner wanted one more before he left as he was in a rush. He wanted to code out and disable the driver sound on disconnect.
I went into the ACSM module and looked into 3000 Ausstattungsflags folder, and scroll down to look for the values and for the life of me could not find values of SPW_BF or SPW_FA I used the target F10. Any clues what I am missing or what?? Do some cars not have these function values as other do???

Compared to NCS, E-sys is so much more time consuming, but granted I am still a novice with it, I can see from my coding experience with NCSexpert, that its much more tedious and longer for sure. I guess we were spoiled with how easy NCSexpert is!

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