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Hello guys.
I have an idle problem with my 325i E90. The bimmer has a poor start (it tends to die after it runs for 3-4 seconds) and at the last moment it revs up the engine to stop it from stalling. Another simptom is that the RPM needle starts to slightly fluctuate only after the car warms up. I looked for vacuum leaks(2 on the DISA valves) and sealed everything and did a diagnosys test. It reveiled a P160F code - "Power management problem" and P14C3 code - "DISA (Differentiated Intake Manifold) Actuator 2 Mechanical or Hardware Defect".
I looked at the 2 disas before when I was looking for vacuum leaks and besides really bad seals (which looked like they exploded) they looked fine.
Pictures of the 2 DISAs:
Now this error code apeared.
Can a bad DISA influence the car's starting or the fluctuating in RPM at idle?
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