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This is "OLD NEWS". I did this almost a year ago, see the other posting (read through page 13

Here's the trouble people, "HEAT". That area is NOT designed for a full blown HID kit, and it gets dang hot in there with the bulbs burning, and that's why BMW uses low voltage bulbs to illuminate the rings. Can you run the HID AE's, hell yes. You can do whatever you want to the car, with direct wiring like I did as well. I did this complete set-up and documented it on this site, but abandoned the idea due to heat generation and blur--it needs a 25 watt bulb really.

Yeah you've had no problems yet, but I am skeptical it will hold up. Please post your heat generation temperatures. They are very high, over 300F on the inside of the casing, and while I can't calculate how long the plastic can withstand that heat, I pulled them out. Maybe it will last a long time, and look great too. I did not like the "fear factor" associated with using the high voltage for a my AE's as it's not what the space was intended for. LED's are far cooler, and that's why BMW uses them for the AE area on the latest models. They know better.

I hope whomever is doing the install for profit has insurance. Please keep us all posted. Those ballasts fire at 20-30,000 volts on start-up to get the gas going, and constantly controls the voltage to keep the gas illuminated, varying voltage. It's like having an electical nuclear reactor in there. My advice, don't do it. Fire hazard or worse. Ask BMW if it's a good idea. Scarey deal.
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