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2004 X5- wont start (EWS / DME issue)


I will start by highlighting I am mechanically incompetent and in need of some help.

Car details:
2004 X5 4.4
65K miles
Bought from dealer 6 months ago- no prior issues

Went to start car and no crank in ignition. No clicks, no sound, no nothing- just dead. All lights / electronics worked however car would not turnover and display showed "engine failure / transmission failure" errors. Thought it was battery so jumped start- no success. Tried spare key-nope. Ended up having it towed to my mechanic.

Mechanic thought it was starter motor / battery so replaced and said it was fine (i.e. car started). I went to pick it up and exactly the same issue- no start, errors but electronics working. Mechanic re-examined and diagnosed EWS and another module which they ordered and replaced. This still didn't work. After 2 weeks they said they think it is the DME which needs to be replaced / re-reprogrammed by dealer.

I have taken it to BMW and they are examining but wondering if anyone has any advice or experienced this. If it is DME, how much should it cost- o i need it replaced or reprogrammed???


PS> I have trawled through the site but cant find the exact issue
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