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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
CPO also doesn't cover a bunch of the electronics (nav, stereo, etc...).
I'm on the third radio head for my car, and I bought the "Gold" extended warranty that covers the stereo, even though I don't have navi. Dealing with this stuff out of warranty won't be cheap.

I used to recommend Eurocars to friends when they asked. Now, I just recommend two marques -- Toyota and Honda. I found that loses me fewer friends.

OP -- for a first car, buy a used Toyota Corolla. It's not sexy, but the Corolla is the biggest selling nameplate in the History Of Man -- with nearly 40 million copies sold worldwide so far. It's an amazingly sane vehicle. Maintenance is foolproof the repairs are rare. You might be miserable as the BMWs fly past you to get to the next traffic light first, but you won't go bankrupt.
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