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Update on some lubrication points.

My top was making a louder-than-normal "unlatching" sound when it first opened from the closed position (right after the windows break seal and start to go down).

From inside, I was able to tell it was coming from the drivers side, almost right over my head and to the left. I then closed the top, and opened it from the outside using the key. I was able to isolate the new/louder "ratchet-y" sound as coming from the middle of the front panel, on the edge.

Allowing the top to open far enough to see what's going on, I noticed cam-type fasteners that hold the roof panels together when they are closed (pins, kind of like the ones in the photos, but larger. There is a photo of one of the recepticles for this size pin in the next-to-last photo, but the ones I found all mount horizontally between the flat top panels). Watching the top a couple times, I could tell the sound was from the cam/pin combination (I think that's what to call it - a pin-like structure with a head that fits into a socket, which closes around it and pulls tight). So I got the Wurth HH-K spray out, and very lightly sprayed the pin (definitely use a catch rag, as the pin is kind of out in the open) and then inside the recepticle for the pin. Worked the top a couple times, and *poof*, the new/louder ratching sound was gone.

So I opened it back up to the partial position, and went around and located all these (one on each side of each panel) that hold the roof pieces together when it's closed, and lubricated them the same way.

Top is more quiet than it was

Off-topic: the location, mounting technique, and size of those pins almost makes me think the roof panels, once hooked together and to the window piece and anchored to the A-pillar and trunk deck, are more solid than a single piece of steel would be - kind of like when you join 2 pieces of wood with dowels, the week spot isn't the joint anymore. Those things are solid, and pull down extremely tightly. I also had never noticed how thick the panels actually are. I'd love to know how the retractable hardtop compares in crush tests against a coupe roof, just for peace of mind....

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