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09 750i drive train malfuction

My 7 has been in the shop off and on since January, we took it in for an oil chnage and bmw recall on water pump, the next day we started the car and got the engine malfuction message. we had a turbo replaced to fix ther problem. then drove the car and engine malfunction reduced power, they put a new battery in it, and reprogrammed it and at this time during reprogramming the radio blew up, and who knows what else, because since then its basically been in the shop with all kinds of repairs, they fixed everything and was waiting on apart from germany which arrived, and that was going to be it to get me back on the road.. the bmw dealer reprogrammed it all day yesterday and was calibrating something today on it, they finally called today to say it was ready, I was sooooooo happy , however I was skeptical at fist because I noticed the oil chnage record was not reset as well as rear brakes, as it stated previosuly when engine malfucntion and engine two hot message appeared after I started the car one morning. I finally get in the car crank it everything fine, as i drive off I was thinking oh ow i love this bmw and love this car . and not even a half mile passes and as I begin to smile, BLUNG!! " drive train malfunction redeuced power" well back to the dealership for the 3 loaner. Bmw NA has been great trying to help get this resolved I just need them do whatever it takes to fix my 7. I just want my 7 fixed.. I just dont understand how the dealership could not test drive the car before giving it back to me for this error to occur, I dont understand how they cant repair it with the master technicians and puma cases , the dealer has had my car this time for over a month, and totla bout 3 months, while waiting on master techs, puma diagnoses, parts and reporgramming. its been so long I cant imagine why bmw just wont deliver a new 7 to replace this one. I feel like they have burned up all kinds of electronics with the car programming it. and it will never be back to the way it was, I will just take my chances with recalls in the future., I wish I would have never took it in. If anyone has had these problems with their 7 please post the give me some hope... I am so down right now,
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