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Originally Posted by kiao View Post

I will start by highlighting I am mechanically incompetent and in need of some help.

Car details:
2004 X5 4.4
65K miles
Bought from dealer 6 months ago- no prior issues

Went to start car and no crank in ignition. No clicks, no sound, no nothing- just dead. All lights / electronics worked however car would not turnover and display showed "engine failure / transmission failure" errors. Thought it was battery so jumped start- no success. Tried spare key-nope. Ended up having it towed to my mechanic.

Mechanic thought it was starter motor / battery so replaced and said it was fine (i.e. car started). I went to pick it up and exactly the same issue- no start, errors but electronics working. Mechanic re-examined and diagnosed EWS and another module which they ordered and replaced. This still didn't work. After 2 weeks they said they think it is the DME which needs to be replaced / re-reprogrammed by dealer.

I have taken it to BMW and they are examining but wondering if anyone has any advice or experienced this. If it is DME, how much should it cost- o i need it replaced or reprogrammed???


PS> I have trawled through the site but cant find the exact issue
Good day,

If I had my guess, it is the ignition switch contacts that direct power to the EWS. There will usually be something else that won't work as a lot of functions work off one set of contacts. This happened to me with my 98 540i and it took me some time to figure out the power was not getting to the EWS at all, but everything else worked... Oh, I do remember that my steering wheel position function (arm below the turn signals) did not work when the EWS was also not working... I had to turn the ignition on and off repeatedly before It would work... It happened to me twice before I took out the contact assy from the steering column and cleaned the contacts... I never purchased a replacement and sold the car a few months ago with it still working... Oh, I had my 540i for about eight years and did all the work it needed... I did everything from fluid changes to replacing the timing chains and guides...

I just got my 2002 X5 4.4 (if my wife doesn't make it hers) and I love it... It would be better if they had them (4.4L) with the six speed that was in my 540i, but the auto hasn't disappointed me yet...

Good luck and let us know what you find out please!

Thanks much!!

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