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Originally Posted by kiao View Post
Below is the reply from the dealer.. doesn't sounds promising. Seems to me they are not sure and may just be hoping its DME... anyone have any views / thoughts as $2K is a sizey investment for an 04...I'm using Brahman Miami for what it counts.

"We found that the DME has corrosion from water. We need to replace the DME. There could be something else wrong but this what needs to be done now. The cost to replace the DME plus the time already invested would bring the total to $2108.00 plus tax.""
Good day!

I'm not going to automatically say the dealership is wrong, but the practice of troubleshooting and diagnosing a problem goes little beyone hooking up the computer and plucking & chucking the most probable cause... Very rarely do mechanics break out the volt meter to find positive 12v where it should be and the opposite in some cases... That is how I determined my ignition was bad when I had the same symptoms you have now...

On the other hand, my good friend has an 07 Mini... When he came to me and said the remote doesn't work, I inquired when did it start... "After I left the sunroof open in the rain and it got the mirror wet." I pulled apart the mirror and found corrosion on the circuitry for the remote receiver... I cleaned it up, hooked it back up and it worked... It took me an extra half hour to pull the mirror apart than to just replace it with a $343 new one... I got an apple pie and a six pack of Pepsi for my efforts... WIN-WIN!!

I don't know if you can make them check the voltage out of the ignition, but I would try... That is an $80 part (if I'm looking at the parts correctly) compared to the replacement for the DME...

Good luck!!

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