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Wiring can be intimidating, it is for me. I had to take a moment when I realized I had to re-wire the transfer case motor on my truck to replace it. It was a matter of 7 pinned wires swapped to a new connector, and it was simple in the end but, OP I feel your pain on the wiring.

I don't think there will be any cause to replace the chassis harness. Those factory connectors can be broken down, sorted and set up to match fairly easily I think. What works in the end is anybody's guess. You have and engine and a chassis separated by several years. Do the sensors on the newer M50 read in the same voltage and resistance ranges as the ones on the M30? Probably, but who really knows until you hook them up. This is why some people LOVE doing swaps, because they thrive on figuring it out. HAVING to do a swap is never as much fun as wanting to do a swap.

Sounds like the OP had a pro to help with the wiring. I hope it works out Keep us posted.
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