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Originally Posted by rdc8118 View Post
I used wd40 and compressed air to clean mine. If it's really bad, you might be better of chucking it and buying a new one.
It 'was' really bad. I can't imagine too many people having the patience to clean this thing every few years. Now I know why the new redesigned dipstick guide tube exists. I would have gotten it, had the dealer had it in stock (and could I have gotten to them).

Alas, I started digging for about 20 minutes, scratching away with the (not piano) wire. It was working - but verrrry slowly.

Then the idea hit me to use a drill!

But the wire was too short - so I used a longer wire. Viola! Finally I could blow through the tube from the CCV drain hose end to the bottom out the concentric tube!

Originally Posted by rdc8118 View Post
For the o-ring I just stuck the old one back on till I got the new one. Of course that was a month ago and the new 0-ring's been sitting on shelf since then collecting dust
I didn't have an o-ring (I don't have any idea where mine went because the last I saw it was when I was washing in the grass with the garden hose set to forceful blast.

For now, all I had was a washer for the garden hose. It seems to work - but how would I know if it wasn't working?

Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
The return allows oil condensate from the CCV to return to the sump. Over a long period of time, you would experience oil consumption. But in the near term, you can drive the car as is.
I'm sorry but I don't understand.

If the vapors condensed in the CCV tried to drain into the oil pan but couldn't drain because they were blocked ... wouldn't they just back up into the CCV?

Would the pressure burst the CCV drain hose?

Would the liquid finally back up higher and higher (filling the CCV?) or would it drip out?

Q1: Where does the liquid oil go if the CCV concentric drain is totally blocked?

Q2: How often do we need to clean the CCV concentric drain?

Q3: How does the dipstick guide tube work anyway (for example, why the hole)?

EDIT: EDIT: This isn't piano wire. I just realized it's leftover wire that came with the REI or Western Mountain Sports kit to replace the elastic in the tent tube poles for camping.
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