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DIY for CIC Retrofit

Ok guys, as no one has shared a light here I imagine that you need some incentive..

This is my first DIY, so please don't be too harsh on me

Disclaimer: This is for informational uses only, I'm not to be held responsible in any way if you mess your car trying this (Picture Heavy)

(And remember, english is NOT my native language, so please bear with me)

Parts needed

T20, T25, T30 Torxs
Trim Removal Tool
4 beers
A lamp

Instructions (Part 1):

1) Applying some brute force and using the trim removal tool you have to remove the trim that holds the AC vents and the Engine Start button. It's a 1 piece trim that stars from the right part of the steering wheel and ends on the air vents

2) Remove the plugs that hold the Hazard and Door Lock buttons, as well as the Engine Start Button

3) Now the dash trim is free, put it somewhere else with a cloth underneath it to protect it

4) At this point you can see the 2 torx size 20 screws that are holding the 6.5" screen on it's place. Using the T20 Torx Remove them and gently pull the screen downwards. It will easily come off..
Remove the HD Cable Plug (A purple kind of color) and the black power harness as well. You can see the hd plug and cable removed on the pictures

5) Plug the new HD screen (remember there are 2 plugs: power and video) and put it on the old one's place. It's 100% Plug and Play

6) Re insert the 2 T20 torx screws
7) HD Screen Swap Done!! ------- Now go and grab your first beer
8) Using the T20 Torx remove 2 of the 4 screws that are holding the AC/Radio cover panel on the upper side

9) IMPORTANT --> to uncover the other 2 screws that are holding the AC/Radio cover you must remove the lower part of the central console. It has a little red led on it. You have to put the trim removal tool between the AC/Radio cover and this lower part and pry it down, it will come off and there you will see the other 2 screws.
This is the little red light below the dash lower part

10) Remove the AC/Radio Cover Panel there are 2 plugs very much like the one is on your stereo. You have to unlock the harness and both will come off really easy. When you finish removing the Panel you will see something like this:

Note how you can see the lower part of the panel that needs to be removed with the led attached below it. The red wholes are where the lower 2 last torx screws were attached

11) Remove 2 T25 torx screws holding the Stereo

12) Pull out the stereo

13) Remove all the wiring harness and cables connecting from behind and the stereo is free!! It should look like this


Now, this is where I'm stuck, as my new navigation system does not fit inside... But if you are one of the lucky ones that has a different panel and it fits, just connect all the harness (again, plug and play), add the usb cable, wire it to the glove box, reverse the process and you're done!!

This is the end of part 1

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