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Originally Posted by jgroarke View Post
You've got some stones taking that baby apart.

Makes me glad I ordered the 8" in the first place :-)

Seriously though, sometimes it's better to "pay the man" to get it done right. Good intent aside, could you seriously screw something up here?

Also, there's always bimmerforums (?) to solicit input from ...

Just my 2 cents :-)

Well... I've previously made several retrofits to my Tiguan with no issues at all.. And in this case I was looking at a price difference of $1,200 between "paying the man" to get this done by someone else or doing it by myself. I reassembled everything back on it's place with my original stereo and 6.5" screen with no issues. Worst case scenario I would end up buying a new equipment mount for $55 usd and I'm still $1,145 usd below price.

Will go to bimmerforums and see how it goes, thanks for the input

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