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The owner has had some interaction with Evolve and they haven't said to not share any of this info. They, by the way, have been good to work with. Same for VS. And to be clear, they do not recommend stacking the JBD on top of their tune.

The boost info is back here:

The JBD run is the same boost as stock. It does not touch boost (one of the previous posts has stock/JBD and verifies that). These numbers are absolute pressure (normal atmosphere + boost). Converting hPa to PSI and subtracting 1 atmosphere brings the numbers to ~ 26psi stock and 30psi remap.

The BT data is on a different computer and it can be plotted vs rpm. Will try to do that tonight. But the boost response is unbelievably fast and occurs right away even at low rpm's. Most likely due to how BMW has executed the twin turbo setup. Just lovely.

I agree the naming of the Gtech data has been poor. When the Gtech gets powered up it defaults to Jan 17 2017 and the time seems to be random. And I haven't been good at going in and re-formating the dates/times/conditions etc . . . I tried to correct that starting on post 52 which shows multiple runs with the remap and JBD stack. The plot you showed is Run1 = Evolve (2nd best of multiple runs), Run 2 Evolve+JBD 0% (only 1 run on this combo that day), Run 3 Evolve + JBD 65% (only 1 run on this combo and the last run).

A note on the Gtech data. It includes more losses than a 2 wheel dyno: 4 wheels are turning instead of 2 (more rolling resistance), wind losses (~20 hp at top end of run based on Cd and frontal area), and the pulls are in 3rd gear so there's more drivetrain loss than a ~1:1 gear ratio). And it's subject to variations due to road surface roughness, flatness, the accuracy of the weight, etc . . . But it's been very usefull over the years for testing relative impacts of mods.

From the Gtech data that's been gathered it appears the remap is acting similar to the JBD at ~65% but with better EGT's and IAT's and lower peak rail pressures. The remap with JBD at 0% is similar to the JBD at the max before it throws a limp mode.

Oh, and the owners reported hand calculated mileage for the last two fillups with the remap covering ~300+ mls, including all these full fueling runs, has averaged 39.2 mpg. This is at least 5% better than pre map for similar driving conditions.
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