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Originally Posted by infernoM3 View Post
Do you guys use this on your M3? I remember when I picked up my car on ED the lady told me about it but I had her deactivate it. I just got my car back in US and dont know how to reactivate it and if I should. I know it helps on gas so I was thinking of doing it. But I'm worried in stop and go traffic it would get annoying and prolly not good for car to be on and off every few minutes.
In my 2012 M3 I use the Start/Stop often in my work commute, I cannot stand wasting gas at stoplights especially the way this V8 gulp gas just idling. I used to have a 2008 M3 and one of my biggests complaints was the idle excessive (to me) gas consumption.

I even went ahead and code it to remember its last state instead of defaulting to off at each engine start.
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