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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post

That thread covers a lot. I don't think a coat hanger will work for 'my' dipstick guide tube though ... because it might be too thick to fit in the teeny tiny space between the concentrics.

Your picture (reproduced below) must either be for the redesigned dipstick guide tube or the clog wasn't in the CCV drain portion of the dipstick guide tube???
Try using heat/propane, and compressed air to get the gunk out of the tube.
Clogging at the base of the oil dipstick tube is the main reason why the CCV fails IMO.
That is why it is VERY important to make sure the oil dipstick tube drains.

Did you look at the page I linked?
Look here:

Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
The drilling was done to the old design tube.
Something for people that do not have a lot of money, and can not spend big money for miscellaneous items like the new dipstick tube design.

Also, I am not sure if you remember, but my car's dipstick had trouble being able to seat all the way down, so that the O-rings at the top would seal.
This happened right after my mechanic first did this mod to my original/older tube design.

However, today, when I visited my mechanic's shop, my mechanic took the tube I brought with me, and used a long rod-file that could be used to file the inside of the tube.
He says that sometimes when they drill the new hole, the sides/ out edges of the tube can be pushed in from the drill.
Hence, the dipstick would get stuck right where the end of the stick and the new hole was drilled.
So, my mechanic just used that rod-file, and bingo, the dipstick seats like it did before, perfectly.

So, by drilling the new hole on the opposite side of the small drain tube that connects to the CCV, and through the inner tube wall (wall between the weep holes and the large center tube hole, allows the CCV to drain it's oil into the larger diameter tube of the dipstick tube, instead of the trying to drain the oil through those tiny/skinny weeps along the sides of the dipstick tube base.
Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
While agree to some point, the modification to the original tube CAN be done just fine.

Yes, you will need to drill through both the exterior and interior tube walls to have a clear path for the CCV tube to drain into the larger dipstick tube base.
However, once drilled, everything is filed down.
A rod-file is use on the interior of the tube to remove any debris or weird metal edges, and I am pretty sure the exterior hole is welded shut, grind-ed, primed, and painted to match the existing.

Like I said before, the modification is not for everyone, however, it can be done easily, and patched by either your local mechanic, yourself, or a muffler shop.

If you have the ~$160 for a new dipstick tube design, then great!
However, I do not have that kind of money to throw away on a stupid oil dipstick tube...


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