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fuel pump fuse problem

What could be wrong in the m5 e39 since every time there is under 1/4 of fuel left, it burns the fuel pumps fuse? For example when I was driving around and there was under 1/4 fuel left in the tank it burned the fuse, and after that i changed the fuse, but when i started driving again it burned the fuse again right away. Again I change the fuse and I waited on the side of the road for 30 minutes until i started driving to the closest filling station about 15 minutes when it worked well with a new fuse. So everytime there is under 1/4 of the tank left, it sometimes burns the fuel pumps fuse. What could be done to help? Could there be garbage in the tank or could the gasoline filter be completely clogged? I already changed the fuel pump like a month ago but nothing happened.
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