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Originally Posted by ///M3 Wes View Post
Leaning towards an orange convertible for lease and trying to figure out the options.

$3,700 for b&o??? Has anyone driven a car with the HUD? Is it helpful or annoying? Are the 20s weightsavers or does "light" just a relative term? Vented seats sounds like a good option. Is the bmw apps actually useful?
A shakira orange M6 would be amazing. Very flashy, hope you're able to keep your right food in check or you will be meeting a lot of law enforcement

The HUD is extremely useful for daily driving, I hardly look at the instrument panel. In M mode the tachometer display is entertain to say the least and if you're looking to bang off DCT manual shifts right at the limiter it is better then looking down at those speeds.

I do not believe he 20"s are lighter then the 19". They're both forged and while you have less spokes with the 20"s I would bet the increase rim barrel adds significant weight.

I didn't have vented seats on my test drive, but they would have been a nice option. The M6 got my heart rate going and I was a little warm.

I don't find BMW Apps to be all that useful. It is nice on a longer trip but because your phone is stuffed in the arm rest it is hard to check text (wrong I know, but I'm being honest) so I never use it.

My full driving review of the M6 is here -

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