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You think you've got problems, let me tell you. I got my m in Dec 2005 drove it one month and stored it for the winter. Took it out may and in June BMW had to replace the trans. Only took 6 weeks to get one. i now have 140k miles on it. Yes I drive a lot. I have had nothing but issues with this car and it just geets worse. I tried to get BMW Canada involved and have written several letters to the President. every letter was answered by a Customer service specialist who told me BMW's responsibility send at the end of the warranty period. About three months ago my video display lit up like a christmas tree. Every message relating to engine and a few more filled all the availabe space. After paying $4500 they told me that the catalytic converter had to be replaced. I have been vacilating about selling it so I told them I wasnt going to pay the $8000 to replace them. when i got the car back the engine light went cleared. I thought that they got a false reading. Well needless to say last week the christmas tree lit up again. took it in and they firat thought it was a run down battery becaseu of the readout. I drove it for almosst a week and was having difficulty geting pas t the min level. Turns out there is a recal on the battery cable insulated bulkhead connector and they replaced it. I know I cant sell the car becaseu some poor sucker will end up paying a fortune to get it back to normal. right now i am looking at an $8k repair bill for the cats or going 0 to 60 in 30 minutes. i hate this car, i hate BMW and I leave the car parked inmalls with the keys in it and engine running. No one is even interested in stealing the bloody thing. lol
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