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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post

I would agree as everything else in this car has always been original when I replaced it.

One thing I'm confused about is how the vent tube is designed.

Does the vent tube 'only' go to the outer ring of the bottom of the dipstick guide tube?

If so, how (mechanically) is that done? (i.e., what does a cross section of that portion of the dipstick guide tube actually look like?)

I wonder if the ($117 + tax) "updated" dipstick guide tube at the dealer is the same as the ($130 + shipping) "cold weather" one from ECS?
1. I do not have a cross section of the tube, however, I think the smaller side tube from the CCV drains/ connects to the smaller/ thinner weep along the out sides of the main dipstick tube base.

The weeps are a weird trapezoid shape.

A grain of sand can easily plug one of those weeps.

2. What is the part number of the updated dipstick tube a the dealer?
Compare part numbers.

Read O2Pilot's post:
Originally Posted by 02Pilot View Post
I have some doubts regarding that dipstick guide tube modification. Specifically, unless the hole it drilled through both walls of the inner tube, it is still possible for the flow from the return to be blocked by debris. Even so, it is a less than optimal solution IMHO, as there remains a fairly small opening that could be obstructed by build-up.

I removed the inner tube entirely from mine. It is a major hassle involving multiple cuts and welding. Basically, the inner tube is an extension of the upper tube; the outer tube is brazed on just above the drain, and again at the hole just below the o-ring flange. You have to cut in these two places, then weld it all back together. Based on what I saw between the two tubes when I cut it apart - after I had already manually and chemically cleaned it as much as possible - I would not consider anything short of complete removal of the inner tube adequate to ensure proper drainage over the long term. That said, modification to achieve this is a major undertaking unless you are good at metal fabrication. Just buy the updated part and be done with it.

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