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Good that they're not available. A ridiculous option for any street car.

If you want to track the M5, be ready to buy a new set of tires after a few sessions. All you need to do with the brakes for track duty is to replace the pads with Pagid Yellows and replace the fluid with a good race fluid.

Ceramic brakes on a street car are noisy, expensive, fragile, and simply don't work as well as a good set of steel brakes. If you get silicone spray or Armor All on the rotors, you'll need to replace them. Here's some more expert opinion:

One of the EVO mag contributors, Simon George, is involved in a supercar driving experience business ( and wrote a piece replacing the carbon ceramic brakes with steel for a new acquisition. The quote was along the lines of 'There is no place for carbon ceramic brakes on a road car'. A brief seach turns up this exerpt from the 6th gear blog...
Take our Lamborghini LP640 for instance. We ordered this car back in May 2007 and specifically requested it wasn't fitted with ceramics. The reason for this is standard steel brakes are much more progressive with far better 'feel' than ceramics. Jump behind the wheel of a Supercar with cold ceramic brakes and attempt to stop and you could be in for a nasty shock. The steel brakes on the LP640 are superb hot or cold. So we decided to replace all our ceramic braked equipped supercars this winter with bespoke steel alternatives.
---end quote---
2006 E60 M5 Silverstone II/Silverstone/Aluminum
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Blizzak LM 22's on OEM 19 inch wheels
Straight Pipes/No Resonator
Charcoal Filters Removed
H&R Springs and Spacers Installed
Dinan 3.91 Differential
BMC Air Filters

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