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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
This thread made me smile.

Finally, something that everyone agrees on.

For those of you that are wondering what orange peel is all about and what proper paint should look like....go check out any Lexus....typically among the industry best.

Yes, I said it....get over it.

Yeah, well...they must use environmentally un-friendly paint, right?

Because when you bring it up to a BMW salesman (after they first pretend they see nothing) they blame the EPA and 'government regulations'.

I tell you, if the public was informed and people heard from all the various blogs the straight story, BMW would improve. But here is the shocker- in this thread you hear an almost universal agreement that BMW paint is inferior- just a matter of fact agreement of "yeah, sure sucks"... yet ONLY here. All the reviews and comparisons just simply fail to address this glaring defect!

Wonder why....Love the handling, but paint wise it is hard to respect. Furthermore, I'd pay $2-3k more for upgraded paint.
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