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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Cleaned out my ICV today and decided to check the oil dipstick since it was staring at me once I removed everything on top of it.

I'd love some quick advice on the following two questions before I put it all back together ...

Q1. The side tube that goes to the CCV is totally clogged in both directions. I checked the CCV thread which shows they redesigned the dipstick to eliminate the troublesome concentric tubes. But it's over a hundred seventeen bucks for a new dipstick guide. Should I just clean mine out? How?

Q2. I lost the o-ring while blowing garden hose water on the dipstick; do you think the exact right size matters? BMW has the o-ring in stock ($3.83) but I'd have to button it up to get there. I can fit a garden hose washer on for now. Do you think that will work temporarily?

Hello BB.

(1) My CCV "journey" was a false one. What I thought was symptoms of a CCV was actually a cracked Valve cover. However, I did end up replacing my CCV and ran into the dipstick. But mine was not clogged. I did clean it out just in case. I used a coat hanger, and little pieces of cut up rags (soaked in Brake cleaner).
I did contemplate replacing the dipstick, but at that cost, no way. :-)

(2) While I did not think of a garden hose washer, I do think it would work, or use none at all. The garden hose washer is probably thicker, but it won't make a difference. There is a connection held tight by the 10mm bolt. Could drive a block and easily check for leaks with a flashlight. Alternately, pay overnight shipping and get one delivered. Probably $20 or $25 for the part with shipping.

*Note. Many are asking about the standard CCV test (vacuum). However, in a case like mine, I still had vacuum, my issue turned out to be a cracked valve cover (still had plenty of vacuum too). Once replaced, no oil leak/smell, and car ran better--I'm guessing from no vacuum loss.

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