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Originally Posted by EDYTHE View Post
thanks for explaining ! ask a good questioin ...why isn't this car selling like the other BMW models .... wonder if anyone has ideas?!
All the pluses for the GT are well documented. I agree with them all and I cannot be any happier with the car now that I have owned and driven it for the past six months.

My personal reasons are that I traded in an X5 and the GT gives me more luxury, better handling, better gas mileage, and nearly the same utility I had before - without the bulk and at a reasonable price for a BMW at this level of luxury.

My quirk in all this is probably that my first car was a hatchback - and now I have come full circle to what a friend said is a "luxury hatchback". I don't mind that because I love the utility of hatchbacks.

BUT the reference to "hatchback" is a big part of the issue for sales. I think that most people think of hatchback as more fitting to a younger, lower price demographic. Unless the hatch is on a very sexy and svelte Porsche or Audi, it does not fit in with this price range. AND, at the high prices they demand, the Porsche and Audi do not need to sell in BMW-like-numbers to be considered successful. Sure, BMW could have done a better job on the aesthetics, but then the car would not have as much utility as it does in it's current configuration. I happen to like it this way.

When someone looks at my car you can tell that they are thinking: "Huh?" What is this? Some say it looks sporty, some say OK, but I can buy a cheaper sporty hatchback. Superficially there are cheaper crossover style cars out there like the Toyota Venza and Honda Crosstour at roughly half the price. Unless you are in the market for the luxury, style and handling you will not want to spend BMW bucks. Remember, we are fortunate that we can even consider spending this kind of money on a car.

I see the GT as being stuck in between the ridiculously high priced sexy cars - and the lower priced mass market cars of superficially similar configurations.

Anyway, I am of the belief that BMW should not have labelled the car as 5 series. It is selling to a distinct subset of BMW aficionados anyway and they should have created a new class of car rather than tacking it on to an established line. I am weary of explaining that the GT is more like an bargain priced 7 series rather than a premium 5 series. Buyers of the 5 series have "sedan" in their minds when they shop and are comparing with sedans of other luxury marques. It is difficult to get them to transition from shopping for a sedan to buying a 5 series GT. While a bolder step in the evolution of the marque, I think a more unique designation for our GT makes more sense for the long run.

Marketing aside, I love being able to haul anything, people, cargo, etc.... AND being able to blow away most any other car on the road.
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