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Originally Posted by chibmw View Post
I tried to built out a new M3, and I see that they have the "Competition Package", which includes the 19" says it is 10mm lowered, too.

But on the "OPTIONS" page, one can add just the EDC and the 19" that the same thing as competition package?

Did M3 offer this "Competition Package" on all years/models?
Yes, you can upgrade to 19" rims whenever...however, you'll loose the slightly wider rear stance and wider tires.

1. No - Close but no - there is also different EDC Mapping and wider rear end (not by much) and wider tires. In my M3, with EDC at Sport, the ride is rather harsh, but it seems to handle just a bit better - could be just a placebo effect. I CAN notice a difference between Soft (which I think is the standard setting) and Sport. I can't quite tell the difference with Normal..

2. No - started in 2011 (coulda been late 2010)

The 10mm lowering is a bit of a head scratcher visually...I did an ED last September and the next car over was a M3 Cab...mine didn't appear to be much lower...However, I can tell you, that you will scrape the felt on steep inclines if you take them head on. - I have. I wouldn't delete the Comp Package but that's my own personal opinion - Plus the 19" rims would come close to the price of the Comp Package.

Top Gear's JC reviewed a Competition Package equipped M3 and hated it... something to the effect "you spend 3000 pounds more for a car that drives worse." (I only agree with him on the Auto/Start Stop)


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